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Calling Bali as our home, it's peaceful love and mystical flavors that accompany us for years now we realized as a magnetic pull that enchants people from around the world, to choose Bali as their perfect place to celebrate joyous occasions.

Wedding as a grand festive has inspired us that such modern fairy tale can happen. With our extensive resources, 8 years of experience and passionate partners of vendors, we believe that our committed team of Bali Eve are the right choice as your trusted wedding planner. Our founder was always involved in the wedding world since her early college days. Started successfully in Bali and being constantly asked to help a wedding outside Bali to be able to bring the services and Bali intimate vibes to their wedding, she decided to deliver the request and now doing destination wedding by Bali Eve. And has been a success ever since. Now Bali Eve has 7 Wedding Planners and counting that cater your wedding in Bali and beyond.

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Our Work Image 1

Curated by Artemisia

The Magic Maker

Determination, drive and the ability to dream. This just about to sums up my ethos in life.

Led by Laura, her renowned design turns your imagination into reality, transport you to magical places, and create personal dialogues between you and your guests.

She helps to elevate the beauty, luxury, and exceptional elements of event & concept designs for you. Laura takes a limited number of events and weddings each year to ensure the quality of her work and the integrity of our services.


Photo of Sasha

Meet Sasha

Fierce yet loving, she is the one you go to when you need to get your hair fixed to the timing on your big day. Sasa has the eyes for every detail from the big to small ones from the rich wedding traditions to your bride dresses!

Photo of Ajie

Meet Ajie

Ajie is the creative machine in the team, Fancy or simple decor? Ajie is ready to fulfil your wedding dream. A reliable and creative mind who passionately does his best to bring any kind of dream wedding to life!

Photo of Belvian

Meet Belvian

Belvian is the visioner, leading the team with his constant ideas. His sociable and kind nature will sure make your planning process to be fun and unforgetable!